Art is a jealous mistress, and, if a man have a genius for painting, poetry, music, architecture, or philosophy, he makes a bad husband, and an ill provider. (Waldo Emerson)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Portrait of My Gparents

I am taking a break from my painting and thought now would be a perfect time to share some of what I am doing.   For about three months now I have been working on a portrait of my grandparents. I am not a strong portrait painter so its been a little difficult for me. The subject doesn't really help either. It will be in the spot light of my whole family and trust me, we have a very big family! Lots of people watching. And of course the one that I really care what she thinks of it is my grandmother. My grandfather passed away in 2001 and I miss him so much. I miss her so much too. I take advantage of the fact that she is still here. I can't go and see her as much as I want to. It has been three years now and I know my heart can not take missing her anymore. I am making a trip out this summer to give her this painting. 

I don't want to give too much of the painting away so I will just put pieces in here for my family who is watching! I want to surprise everyone when I get there. One day I am going to paint another portrait of them but at a very large scale. This painting is only 24 x 16. 

The photo of the ear is my grandfathers. I just wanted to show off some of the skin tone. I am proud of the colors that I have come up with. I had a really hard time figuring out what colors to use at first. I worked on an old man painting and the flesh tones came out perfect! However, I couldn't repeat it. Then I was going through some old notes and saw it! I actually wrote down each color and put a little color swatch on the paper next to it. So here it is. I restarted it all. This is the third painting and I like it. I am keeping it. 

Here is a photo of all three next to one another just to give you an idea of my struggles. You can see that the painting to the far left is the one I am keeping. Her arm in this photo was long and it has been fixed. 

I have cried over this! I don't know if some people can relate to how important art can be to an artist or even to an art lover. 

It is like the a song that you love to hear over and over. Well at least it is for me.

This photo of my grandma's hair is where I am right now. I am not sure how to clean up the sides of her scalp but I will figure it out.  I will do their glasses and things the very last. So I will keep you updated! :) Thanks for tuning in.    

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