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Thursday, June 13, 2013

How I Make My Sewing Patterns Larger

How I make My Sewing Patterns Larger - 


I pinned the outer edges of the pattern to the freezer paper. Then I slid my carbon paper under the middle and slowly traced the line of the size that I wanted till I ran out of carbon paper... 

Then I slid the carbon paper over and continued from where I had previous ran out. I even trace all the little markings and words.. So I don't get lost... 

This is a little harder to see but here is a picture of the traced pattern.. 

I then cut it out.. and very sloppy like labeled them! Here is a small and a medium. 

I guess you don't have to cut the patterns out if you don't want to but I do. You could still pin it uncut to the paper and then carefully do it that way.. But this is easier for me right now.. 

I hope this helped you! :) 

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